.Net Senior Developer & Architect – Agile « Project Manager »

1. Profile

Technical architect with a 5 years experience. Strong knowledge in .the Net platform (Microsoft .Net Certification). Good knowledge on Java too, with a «polyglot» and open-source culture. Skills with interoperability issues and Windows system management.

Experience with SCRUM project management, applying methodologies but also using and teaching team about appropriates tools: Bug trackers, Continuous Integration, etc.

Several experiences with world-wide team development, and english communication with different countries.

2. Technical skills

Programming languages

.Net C# 3, HTML, Javascript (JQuery), Java, C++/CLI, Delphi, PHP, XML (XSD, WSDL, XSLT, XPath), SQL (T/SQL)

“No SQL”

Gigaspaces, Memcached


MS SQLServer, PostgreSQL, Oracle, MySQL


Windows, Linux

.Net Frameworks & tools

Spring.Net (IOC,AOP,etc), NHibernate, ASP.Net 2.0/3.5, ASP.Net Ajax, ASP.Net MVC, WCF, WSE3.0, DevExpress, Telerik, NUnit, RhinoMock, Specflow, Log4Net, NLog, MS Enterprise Library, Winforms, COM/ActiveX

Windows System

IIS 6/7, MSMQ, WMI, Com+, Active Directory

Java Frameworks & tools

Spring, Hibernate, Struts 1.1, Axis, EMC Documentum, JUnit, JMonkey, Eclipse RCP, Birt

Java Application servers

JBoss, Tomcat

Other Frameworks & tools

Crystal report, Installshield, Selenium

Development tools

VisualStudio, Resharper, Eclipse, SubVersioN, Mercurial, Starteam, Trac, Redmine, Jira, Greenhopper, Confluence, TeamCity, Hudson, Ant, Maven, NAnt, MSBuild

Project Management


3. Diploma

  • 2009 – Microsoft Certification (.NET Framework – Application Development Fundation)
  • 2003 – 2004 – IUT + Licence in computer science (Rodez, France)

4. Languages

  • English: Frequently read and spoken, professional
  • French: Mother tongue

5. Professional Experiences

.Net Technical Leader & Project Manager at SGCIB (Fastconnect mission)

I’m working in a team developing security tools for other ITEC teams: ITEC/CSY/IT2/ISOTEAM.

I work on an ASP.Net 2.0 web portal to manage windows production servers remotely, with access control and traceability, with very strong security concern (configuration encryption, mutual certificate authentication) and some NT skills (WMI).

The project includes a Winform application with real-time status (using Comet principles and distributed cache using Gigaspaces).

I’m also working on a ActiveDirectory management Web interface, with automation of people account management depending of the workflow process (creation/activation/de-activation).

I started as the technical leader, defining the architecture with in-house ASP.Net 2.0 MVC framework based on I also trained the team about good practices with Jira, SVN and Unit testing. I set up the Continuous Integration with Hudson and MSBuild for several uses:

  • Build source code
  • Analyse source code (StyleCop/FxCop/Gendarme/SourceMonitor)
  • Unit Tests (with NUnit-NCover)
  • Integration Tests (DB)
  • UI automated tests with Selenium
  • Package a version, including the right configuration files
  • Automatic deploy on several servers

Then I’m now the project manager with 3 members in Paris and 3 members in Bangalore. I set up the SCRUM methodology to work in offshore context (2 weeks sprint), with success!

I use Jira with Greenhopper to do virtual Scrum dashboard, and Specflow to write User Stories in a BDD way.

I’m in charge of the management of the international team and of the client relationship.
This involves presentation of the tool, training, understanding the need, defining priority of backlog items, dispatching work between Paris and Bangalore, Scrum Master.

Technical Environment:

C# 3, ASP.Net 2.0, OO Javascript, JQuery, Winforms, (IOC/AOP/etc.), Quartz.Net, NHibernate, NUnit, RhinoMocks, Speckflow, Selenium, WMI, ActiveDirectory, IIS 6, MSSQL 2008, Jira+Greenhopper, Confluence, SVN, Hudson, Sonar, MSBuild, Gigaspaces

.Net Technical Leader & Agile Consultant at Ineo Media System (Fastconnect mission)

My mission was to develop a new ASP.Net Web application to manage Windows machine remotely. It included also applying the Scrum (3 weeks Sprint) and TDD methodology and train people to adopt it. I installed and used tools like Redmine (then Jira) and I set up a Continuous Integration platform for .Net/Java with Hudson.

I did also some internal frameworks as a Winform/WebForm i18n library, and “ready to use” API to secure ASMX/WCF WebServices with Certificates.

I also did some Java development on EMC Documentum connectors for a “meta search engine”, using AXIS to connect to WebServices, and Zoom/JZKit API for Z3950 protocol.

I set up Hudson to test connectors automatically every day (non-regression tests with external WebServices).

I worked also on another ASP.Net project about a fully configurable web forms generator with customizable workflow, and I re-written it with ASP.Net MVC.

Technical environment:

VisualBasic, 3.5, Javascript, C# 3, WCF, WSE 3.0, ASP.Net MVC, IIS 6/7, NUnit, RhinoMocks, (IOC/AOP/etc.), Redmine, Jira, Hudson, Java, JUnit, Axis, Z3950, Documentum, PostgreSQL

2008 (3 months)
Gigaspaces support team at Fastconnect

Gigaspaces is a Java Datagrid. I did support about the Java API, but I also was the .Net/C++ API and interop specialist about the Gigaspaces product.

Technical environment:

Gigaspaces, Java, C#, C++, Maven, Ant, JUnit, Spring, Hudson, SVN, Trac, Windows, Linux

Delphi/.Net Technical Leader at 20-20 Technologies

I was working on a windows application (CRM & Invoicing) for kitchen sellers of US and Canada: 20-20 BizManager (

I started by fixing bugs of the existing code (almost 1 year). Then, I was the technical leader of the project, in charge of a migration from Delphi to C# .Net, with a strong experience about COM/Interop to integration new .Net modules into the exiting Delphi project. I was also in charge of the training of the team to .Net.
During the project, I developed some in-hous framework including a COM Middleware for Data interchange (between different Invoicing software), and a MVC Winforms framework based on

I set up the new development environment with SVN, Trac (for project planning/bug tracking and Wiki) and an automated build server to package and deliver the product to Canadian QA team using the tool AutomatedQA.

I trained 3 teams to use this new environment.

I had a good experience about working with an international team (Canada/US/Germany/Nederland), including regular english conf-call, writing english functional specifications, and jetlag or cultural differences.

Technical environment:

SVN, Trac, Starteam, Delphi 7, C# 2.0, C++/CLI, .Net Remoting, Winforms, MVC, DevExpress, COM/Interop, MSSQL 2000/2005, Installshield, Spring.Net, NUnit, AutomatedQA

Before 2004

I did a first internship on a new PHP project (LAMP) alone.

The second internship, I did a full Java J2EE Struts Web application (alone again) to parse Word document to import data.

Technical environment:

PHP, Javascript, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Java, Struts, EJB2 (with XDoclet), JBoss, POI

6. Personal Experiences

First PHP/Flash experience

Several personal projects and including:

  • Spring.Fluent: fluent configuration for
  • SOSNet: UI to analyse a .Net program memory dump (using WinDBG)
  • LifeSimulation: a 3D simulation of life using genetic algorithm
  • Bibliographie: Eclipse RCP application (with BIRT reports)
  • Fohjin’s inspired CQRS framework

Hudson contribution on Violation Pluggin (add Gendarme support)

I’m also involved with the development of the Sonar DotNet plugin:


7. Extra Interests

Roller skating, 3D/Drawing (, Anime/Manga, Geek technologies, Movies, India (especially Indian food), Active member of ALT.Net community


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